Traditional brand consulting tends to lack actionable guidance. You get slogans and archetypes, but how should you act?

Since our inception in 2009, we’ve been providing clients with a timeless way to tell people what they do, and we show them how to act in accordance with their brand personality.

In business, tough choices are easier when you know how your brand acts.

We’re not showing up to be smarter than everyone else. We’re showing up to help you fit your messaging into science-backed, ancient patterns of story that humans naturally understand.

Pat Miller
Founder, The Idea Collective

“StoryFirst asked me a bunch of questions and processed it into the line that changed my business.”

We find your Controlling Idea.
It’s the simplest and most actionable tool branding has been missing.

The Controlling Idea (coined by author Robert McKee) quickly gets you thinking in terms of action, distilling your brand value, character, and decisions into a single sentence.

Once you have your Controlling Idea, it becomes a guide on how the company acts. We’re happy to share more. Contact us and let’s have a coffee or beer.

Assure Behavior matches Character.
To assure your success, we review what you’re currently doing (major products, community service, how people answer the phone, etc.).
Your actions must match what we’re saying you are.

Execution on the Brand Personality.
Once we’ve identified your difference, it’s time to decide how best to put that into action and show your audiences.

And finally, commit to planning and maintenance.
Businesses evolve over time. We must dedicate regular time to plan and review your actions and alignment with how we’re telling your story. It’s what keeps it alive both internally and externally.


You become instantly familiar to your audience.
People will understand what the story means even if they’ve never heard it. They’re receiving it in timeless narrative terms researched by U.S. Department of Defense scientists, among others.

Your messaging will become more effective.
Making sure the company’s motive mirrors that of the audience through the practice of “Motive Matching.”

Everything you say will be consistent.
A natural outcome of having a Controlling Idea for all your communications to run through.

Every business decision becomes easier.
In a world where brands talk informally like people on social media every day, you’ll know what your brand should say without calling a meeting. Whatever the situation, you’ll have a strong foundation to guide how to act or speak.

All creative communications become more efficient and effective, and you’ll save money.
By engaging in our consulting approach before creative execution, the video scripts and your communications almost write themselves.

Our consulting and training offers depth that others don’t.

Stephen Anderson
Founder, Bendyworks

“We turned to StoryFirst to advise us on marketing and growing Bendyworks. Their advice was most insightful and helpful doubling the size of our company and establishing ourselves in our communities. They have deep knowledge of marketing with ethics and truth. If you have an opportunity to engage their services, do so. You’ll be happy you did.”

Jo-ell Carson
Executive Director
Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association

“StoryFirst Media is an amazing resource for organizations that believe in the law of attraction and aren’t afraid to shape their business around what they believe. They help you discover what your story is, what is compelling about it and how to share your story through words, actions, and everything you do. StoryFirst Media is consultation that goes well beyond branding and permeates all levels of an organization.”

Andy Fickett
President, Fickett Structural Solutions

“The team at StoryFirst did an amazing job of using their model of storytelling to communicate what’s important to our customers in a way that evokes our passion and defines our difference. They make the process easy by sitting down with you, having a conversation, asking questions, and turning that conversation into outcomes that you’re proud of.”