Looking for a well executed example of great storytelling that’s fun, engaging, and just plain works – over 103,000 views and spreading fast as of this posting – watch “The Man Who Walked Around The World”.  It’s a five-minute commercial/short film for Johnnie Walker, in which actor Robert Carlyle (“Trainspotting”) briskly walks along a path in the Scottish Highlands and tells an entertaining monologue about the history of Johnnie Walker, picking up and discarding props (a peaked cap, a bottle of whisky) as he goes.  What’s incredible is that it’s all done in a single take, with Carlyle showing perfect timing as he walks along, never muffing a line and always arriving at the next prop at the exact right moment.  It’s an amazing piece of acting, and although he never breaks a sweat on-camera, you can bet that Carlyle needed a wee dram after he was finished.

This Johnnie Walker example is a great example of what’s possible with web video, though rest assured web video is not just for big hitters like JW.  Web video can level the playing field, in fact when telling your story in a way that connects with your audience, it can give you an advantage over the your big hitter competitors. It’s affordable, fun engaging and dynamic just as you business is.

As reported in the MarketingSherpa 2009 Marketing with Video Report, “putting video on websites has been a huge success. That’s what our sample of marketers that put video on their own websites said about how it is working out for them. Their response was extremely positive. And these marketers gave us hundreds of great examples touching on dozens of ways in which adding video to their site has had a positive impact on sales, lead generation, use of site, and improved customer relations.

So if you haven’t added video to your website that tells your story, “keep walking” in that direction. Maybe walk fast. In the meantime enjoy the show … with a wee dram of JW if you wish!