The Value of Web Video

by | Video Marketing

Adding video can be the single best way to step-up your website. In a world where a search for “attorney” yields 260,000,000 (that’s 260 million!) results in 0.23 seconds, you have about that same amount of time to capture your visitors’ attention before they click that back button and move on to the next website. Video, with “live” sight and sound, literally demands viewers’ attention. Video that engages – and tells stories – keeps people on your site. At the same time, it can educate and emotionally sell your services in a way even the best written content (text) cannot.

Did you watch the above video? It just took 3:21 seconds of your attention.

Video is also becoming more critical every day as major search engines are giving more and more preference to video content, promoting websites with video can move your site closer to the top of search results. (Google’s ownership of YouTube just might have something to do with this.)

In the old days (maybe 5 minutes ago), just having a website put your company ahead of the competition. As they always do, things have changed fast on the world wide web. Now, static “company flier” websites (who we are, what we do, how to contact us), are the bare-minimum. To get noticed, to get more business, your company website needs rich content, not just words and photos.

If you are looking for suggestions on adding video to your website, or improving your marketing in other effective and innovative story-driven ways, contact us at StoryFirst, we’d love to to with you.