What are the Advantages of Web Video Marketing?

by | Storytelling For Business, Video Marketing

What can you do better with web video marketing than with more traditional static media? Lots of stuff!

Engage Your Customer

As we’ve discussed, and as you’ve probably observed yourself, video is more engaging than static images or texts could ever be. Web video is sleek and stylish, and if done right it can resonate deeply with your audience. So how do you do it right? As with all marketing messages, keep the audience in mind. Use you-centric language; discuss how your company’s product is a solution to their problem. And if you can do that in a creative and meaningful way, you’ve just created the most influential kind of marketing tool there is: inspired web video.

Increase Lead Generation

The trick to using video to create leads is to leave the message incomplete in some way, and then to include a call to action for the audience to find out more. Yellowbook effectively drove traffic to its website this way, using TV ads that only told part of a story and directed users to visit the website to see the conclusion. For a more subtle approach, try suggesting how your product might help a customer, and then asking the customer to visit your website for more information.

Tell a Story

Sometimes nothing sells a product better than an intriguing story. It could be the story of how your company was founded, or the passion with which your product is made, or the money your company has raised over the years for a particular charity. Whatever it is, if you have a story to tell, web video can help you put real people front-and-center in a way that text just can’t.

Rally the Troops

Maybe your goal isn’t to try and sell something to a customer, but to gain support for a cause or business initiative. What better rallying cry is there than an inspired bit of video distributed via email to remind partners, investors and employees exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it? Few things are more inspiring that someone speaking passionately about a goal they want to achieve. This sentiment is best conveyed through video.