Word-of-Mouth at It’s Best: Storytelling.

by | Storytelling For Business

Everything old is new again, as the saying goes, and it’s certainly true about a communication tool that’s been around since the beginning of humanity. There’s no better way to convey ideas in a memorable way than to tell a story, either as part of your message or, sometimes, as the entire message.

The ancient practice of storytelling, revived in recent years both as popular entertainment and as a powerful tool in business, is sure to play a valuable role in the currently hot practice being touted on the web: word-of-mouth communication. Stories are a natural way to generate “viral” marketing, create “buzz,” and bridge cultural divides; they are the glue that help people stick together and maintain lasting connections.

What’s the core story of your organization? How often and how effectively are you telling it? And where are you telling it? If you’re not already active in the Web 2.0 community, it’s time to join up–or risk being left behind.